Health Awareness Course – I

I have been conducting Health Awareness Camps for last 4 years. So far I have conducted about 100 camps, delivered over 1000 lectures and have trained around 800 families how to be “ Fit , Fine and Energetic” within shortest possible time, with minimum efforts and that too without changing your life style.

I got numerous suggestions to start  “training course” to educate the participant in such a manner that he/ she if wishes,  can spread the health awareness. I did start the course. Any how it fizzled out. I am re-starting it with more care and hope to make it a success.


  1. To be able to keep “self and family” healthy.
  2. To train candidates to conduct  “Health Awareness Camps”  and  spread the technology for health.
  3. This course will provide opportunity  serve the society .


Duration: One Year

Minimum Qualification: 10th  pass.

Medium of instructions : English

Age : No limit

Fees:   To be declared from time to time on website.


Subject 1.

Definitions and concepts – This will cover – all the terms which shall be used during the course relevant to health e.g. – Atom, proton, electron , structure of cell, tissues, bones & blood,  acid – alkali, oxidation – reduction, hydrolysis – condensation,  pH , functional groups in organic chemistry, anabolism – catabolism vivo and vitro, dextro and levo rotatory properties and so on …

Subject 2.

  1. Enzymes and Hormones – their role , endogenous – exogenous enzymes
  2. Nutrition – Pathways of metabolism, antagonism
  3. Anatomy
  4. Genesis of  diseases and suitable food structure

Subject 3.

Practice of Dhanwantari Yog

Subject 4:

Food preparations

Subject 4:

Body Parameters – correction / progress thereof.

Subject 5 :

One week residential course  to learn

(1)Practice of Dhanwantari Yog

(2) Preparation of  food and

(3) Apply traction   to cervical, lumber and knee.


The Course will be conducted in following manner

  1. Participants can enroll for the course any time during the year.
  2. Participant has to register for one week course ( one time) at Mahiravni, Nasik , Maharashtra. (Maximum number of participants per batch is 20.)
  3. Probable dates, fees etc. will be indicated  on website. All the payments etc. to be made online. No refund is possible. However date for the camp can be changed as a special case.
  4. On registering for the camp he/she can access the reading material on the site. The reading sessions shall be completed as per the guidelines indicated therein. The purpose is to create awareness and not to test the memory of the participant.
  5.  I will scan his / her body on TANITA 545 body monitor. He / she will be given suitable targets relating to weight, fat, muscle, body water, visceral fat, metabolic age  etc. to be achieved during the year.
  6. After completing the course one can appear in person for scrutiny of changes in body parameters.
  7. Rating / gradation will be given on the basis of how far the set targets are achieved and not how correctly questions are answered.
  8. Those who wish to join the one year training course shall contact me on my  email id – madhavjoshi02@gmail.com.

Madhav Joshi







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