For last 5-6 years I have been attending numerous  patients and assisting them to  understand the implications of food on their health and restructure the daily food keeping in view their LIFE STYLE, BUDGET, CULTURAL INCLINATION, JOB TIMINGS etc. These patients are usually treated by  medical practitioners for whatever the disorder is. Recently many of these patients inquired about such clinical support, guidance, counselling from “SEVEN POINT FOUR” .

During this period many medical practitioners from main stream attended my HEALTH AWARENESS COURSES. They not only appreciated the theme ” SEVEN POINT FOUR” but also restructured their daily food intake  as suggested . Slowly and steadily the theme started percolating to their own patients. At this juncture I felt need of their support to guide my patients. On my request few medical practitioners agreed to offer ” clinical support, guidance, counselling” for those who attend my Health Courses. My patients now, if they wish, may get in touch with any of these medical practitioners  on their respective e mail or cell .