Meet Our Nutritionist

Dr Madhav Joshi

Shri Madhav Joshi

BSc, (Chemistry) , PGDMMT( SASMIRA, Mumbai), CAIIB (I), NDDY(Diploma in Naturopathy and Diploma in Yoga)

Founder : Arogyanubhuti Public Charitable Trust , Mumbai

  • He worked on his health issues viz. acidity, hair fall, knee pain, High cholesterol, low back ache, Obesity, ……………  from 1984 to 2009. He experienced wonderful impact of “right food at right time” and has succeeded in improving and maintaining his health with flying colors.  He has been sharing his experiences and insights since 2010. So far he has conducted over 125 Health Awareness Courses and has delivered over 1000 lectures covering Mahasashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Jammu & kashmir.
  • He has authored ” Express way to Health and Vitality – Blood pH 7.4″ ( Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati and Kannad” and ” Arogyacha Lochya( Marathi)
  • He has offered personalized food plan for over 3500 clients and has trained hundreds of families to create a new culture of “7.4 Food”
  • He has initiated  1 Year Diploma in Health Awareness to create ” Health Counselors” who would offer their experience  for creating transformation in food culture for Health and Vitality. At present around 60 students are being trained ( Online training)

Contact Number : 9869473422

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Dr Shruti Gogate

B.H.M.S., CFN, Trichology, MBA ( Health Care)

A consulting Homoeopath, Nutritionist, & Trichologist since last 16 years at Borivli, Mumbai.

* She is the first nutritionist trained by Madhavdada under 1 Year Health Awareness Course.

*  She has been  serving  community by restoring the health , providing  knowledge and awareness about health.

* Her passion to encourage people to follow preventive measures is her forte.

Contact Number : 9819158583

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Anuradha Sachdev

B.Farm( Mumbai), Diploma in Yoga (Ghantali Mitra Mandal, Thane)

Masters degree, in Diet and nutrition  from Indian Board of alternate medicine Kolkata.  Diploma in nutrition and health education from IGNOU

* She is experienced in regulation of diet and human nutrition in both community and clinical settings.
 * She is passionate about  providing the  clients with both the knowledge and motivation to develop healthy eating habits to meet their goals.
* She also work as Certified yoga instructor , Nutritional Assessments and Nutrition Counseling
* She has Designed diet plans for individuals with chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension and also Provided nutritional intervention and counseling for high-risk individuals.

Contact Number : 9923472892

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Dr Kamal Mistry


practicing Dentist at Edar, Gujarat

He has completed 1 Year Diploma in Health Awareness conducted by Madhavdada

He and his entire family has adopted 7.4 lifestyle. He has been promoting Theme 7.4 passionately in his own clients and society in general. He has delivered number of presentations for schools, community in Gujarat.

Contact Number : 9428199543

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