Our misssion

The mission of Arogyanubhuti Foundation is :-

(i) “Health for all” within the shortest possible time, with minimum efforts, and without disturbing the daily routine. (Theme 7.4) and 

(ii) Liberty, Equality and Fraternity to be the base of human interaction. (Beyond   7.4)


Why Choose Us

Workout routines

We teach a simple but extremly effective form of Yog – “Dhanwnatari Yog” designed by Shri Madhav Joshi. You need to spare just 12 to 15 minutes per day to keep you fit and healthy

Support & Motivation

We condcut offline and online followup every month. A team of Health executive is availavle to address your concerns. We have created  Vision 7.4 groups to share your doubts, questions, experiences and recipes. Support and motivation is the prime goal of these groups.

Healthy nutrition

We respect and include all patterns of food – be it Veg , Non Veg, Vegan, Jain…… The food plan is based on your Blood Reports, Cultural  Background, Family History, Daily Routine, Like and Dislikes.  WE plan for “cellular regenaration” through food management.