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To create awareness about HEALTH, I have travelled for the last 12 years, the length and breadth of Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, UP, Rajasthan, J &K, Karnataka Goa. I have delivered thousands of lectures on a perfect blend of  “FOOD and Dhanwantari Yog” . Hundreds of health courses and personal consultations have transformed countless health aspirants and have relieved them from agony of a range of chronic ailments — Diabetes, High BP, Obesity, psoriasis, Hair loss, Pigmentation to name a few. My clients have experienced astonishing results of a grand combination of Personalized food plan and Dhanwantari Yog.

I had an opportunity to learn the basics of Yog   with Yog Vidya NIketan, Ambika Yog Kutir , Shubha Yog Kendra and Dr Ram Kharat. I worked on myself for long long years and a decade ago a unique technique, a different approach to servicing my body was revealed to me. It is different from traditional Yog as it involves “LOCKING” and “STRETCHING” of muscles while performing any of the postures. The 15 minutes practise of 4 postures of Dhanwnatari Yog per day (total postures 24)  calls for  slow and precise movements,  against resistance and perfect alignment & geometry is potent enough to improve muscle tone, create hypertrophy, increase strength, relieve pain, boost energy. I have a gut feeling that the “Locking and stretching” technique helps to push the lymph and strengthen immunity. In short DY is a crisp and complete package servicing your body.