The unfathomable

      I have conducted numerous Health Awareness Courses at Kandivli, Mulund, Thane, Ghodbunder, Dadar, Vasai, Sion, Virar, Borivli, Alibaug, Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Mysore, Guhaghar, Satara, Ozar, Badalapur, in the last few years and have worked on hundreds of participants of different age groups. The theme of my work is to make available the essence of health to the participants WITHIN THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME, WITH MINIMUM EFFORTS AND WITHOUT DISTURBING  THE DAILY ROUTINE.  This work has been generated through my own pain and disorders and  trial and error methods which I practiced  for years. Each time I conduct the course I encounter new  dimensions. The chronology of rejuvenation of course  is   governed by the body wisdom and not by what your wish is. The  amazing  power of pH  and Dhanwantari Yog is perhaps unfathomable.  Though I do not treat the disorders, so far I have observed  corrections in numerous disorders as under:

  1. Relief from frozen shoulder
  2. Improvement in hemoglobin count
  3. Increase in muscle mass
  4. Reduction in body fat
  5. Reduction in visceral fat
  6. Relief from knee / leg pain
  7. Recovery from insomnia
  8. Control the cholesterol levels
  9. Improvement in quality of skin

10. Arrest of hair loss

11. Balancing of water level

12. Relief from skin irritation

13. Total relief from acidity

14. Glowing  skin

15. Regularity in menses

16. Clean bowels

17. Enrichment of calcium count

18. Controlled   blood sugar level

19. Controlled blood pressure

20. Change in  attitude

21. Relief from Arthritis

22. Cure for allergy

23. Maintaining Thyroid level

You will be surprised to know that none of these results was planned. These are literally miraculous and “wonderful”,  full of  “wonder”. Every time I get a call from my participant expressing his gratitude, I wonder “now what ?”  It is as simple as watering a plant. Provide the required water and the plant decides how to manage the show.

Let me  share the success stories of some of the participants who  have experienced the body wisdom after pursuing the blood pH and Dhanwantari Yog.

1 Relief from a Painful Frozen Shoulder

Smt. Sudha Bapat is my aunt. She ( and my maternal uncle Shri Sharad Bapat) is my ardent follower. She is the person who encouraged me a lot and participated in my first course at Badalapur. She was suffering from a frozen shoulder for long. She  practiced   various exercises taught by a physiotherapist without much relief. During the course she learnt Dhanwantari Yog . On the very second day she could experience 70 per cent relief from the pain. She continued the practice of  Dhanwantari Yog. Within two months she was almost (90 per cent) out of the trauma she had been suffering from. She congratulated me and assured  long term commitment to her health. It reaffirms my belief that “Precise practice outsmarts inarticulate toiling”.

2 Improvement in Hemoglobin Count

Smt. Sudha Bapat has been diabetic for almost twenty years.  Her Hb has always been as low as 9.25.    Guiding her for two years for proper nutrition did not yield any tangible results. Her commitment also failed to perform.  Low Hb and inevitable fatigue persisted.  Once I noticed her passion for the tea. I told her, “Tannin present in tea and coffee converts ferrous iron, which is absorbable in the body, into ferric iron which is not absorbable in the body. Let us, as a last resort, follow complete abstinence from tea and coffee”.  She religiously followed it and   her Hb count shot up to 10.75 in just one month. As she continued, her Hb count was further pushed up to 11.75

3 Increase in the Muscle Mass

Many of my participants practice Dhanwantari Yog and Nutrition fairly well. Increase in total body muscle mass (%) is also often observed. However I  was puzzled whether the increase in the muscle mass is “Real” by weight or just  “ARITHMETIC”(Figurative)  due to a fall in the fat  content. While taking follow-up at Reiki Jagat, Badalapur, the mystery was solved for the  first time. The increase in muscle percentage matched with actual increase in the weight.  while the fat percentage decreased. All the three factors read together point towards “hypertrophy helping build muscle tissues, which is a unique contribution of Dhanwantari Yog. I have already elaborated on this earlier. Let us see what Smt. Shrikhande says about her experience and progress.

“I learnt from my friends that Madhavdada conducts a health course, and I was inspired  to enroll for the course. For the last many years  I have been suffering from acute acidity  and have done everything on the planet to get rid of it. I desperately  wanted relief. On the very first day,  he drew the distinction between the do’s and don’ts so vividly, that he left no choice for us but to follow the same. Dhanwantari Yog and  various recipes were practiced elaborately. It helped me to revive my health within the shortest possible time and without disturbing my daily routine. Chronic acidity and  endless medication reduced to a great extent even before six day course was concluded. The follow-up session at Reiki Jagat was a lifetime experience of joy and completion.

Dada’s precise guidance and ability to enhance my morale has fulfilled my lifetime dream to gain weight, and that too within amazingly short time. It may sound strange for my friend (weight 86 kgs) who joined the course for weight loss as she had been struggling to cut down the fat for ages. When we met at the course we were anxious to know the methods  Dada would adopt to handle exactly opposite targets in the very same course. He was cool, confident and composed. He  made his point with clarity and conviction. Firstly, he was keen that we follow a healthy acid–alkali balance, secondly, that  our body was nourished well and, thirdly, that we practice Dhanwantari Yog, with precision.  And he said his job was done. The rest was left to the body wisdom. He said, Body knows better than what Madhav Joshi does. To our amusement and amazement what he said was true. My friend reduced the fat and weight by 1.5 kgs and I gained muscle and weight by 1.5 kgs The process being exactly the same, the results exactly opposite. The only common underlying principle was body wisdom. Today I am  FRESH, FINE and ENERGETIC. I wish Dada a good luck for his mission and passion and pray for his success.”


Smt. Swati Shrikhande,

  Bhandup Mumbai.

4 Reduction in Fat Content

a) With diligent planning, one can enjoy food and still check the accumulation of fats on the waist line. Don’t believe it? Meet Shri Vinod Jade (42 years),  a businessman from central suburb, Mumbai. A fitness freak, regular “morning walker” and  yoga practitioner. Years of discipline did not yield much. He participated in the residential course at Reiki Jagat, Badalapur. After following the nutrition and Dhanwantari Yog for around two months, he requested a review. To his astonishment the fat percent was reduced considerably. His belly flattened and his chronic fatigue vanished. He is now absolutely indefatigable. Works for 16 hours a day!

b) I initiated my work in Nasik a year ago. Shri Ravi Deodhar and Smt. Sanjeevani Deodhar, epitomes of affection and support, made  my life easy. My first course was conducted at their residence. It was revealed to me that both had tried almost everything possible ( morning walk, gym, diet, naturopathy …..) to manage their weight without much success. They were desperate and dejected. I was tense and worried. If I did not show the result for the hosts, it would be difficult for me to continue. I started the course with a lot of apprehension. And I am so proud  to say that both of them could create a shift in their parameters during the six day course. A friend of Smt. Sanjeevani who was unaware of her participation in the  course was surprised to note the changes in her physique. When the follow-up was carried out, both showed remarkable improvement in the parameters. The summary of the parameters is given below.


Parameters of Shri Ravi Deodhar

Male /58 years /Ht 168 cms

Parameters 30/01/11 05/02/11 27/02/11 11/04/11
Weight (kgs) 83.5 82.5 83.5 83.4
Body Fat(%) 33.3 32.2 30.9 29.1




  Parameters of Smt. Sanjeevani DeodharFemale /51 years /Ht 150 cms
Parameters 30/01/11 05/02/11 27/02/11 11/04/11
Weight (kgs) 71.9 71.1 71.8 70.7
Body Fat(%) 44.1 43.9 42.8 42.2


5 Relief from Knee Pain and Sitting in a Lotus Posture

a) The Yog postures work well for relief from knee pain. Almost everybody experiences relief. Those who could not sit on the floor for years, could do so even before the course was concluded. Smt. Vimal Patil ( 60 years)  was  suffering from knee pain for years. Sitting on the floor was almost ruled out. It was a pleasant surprise for her and the entire family when she could sit easily on the floor during the course.

b) Smt. Swati Barve is my senior colleague from Industrial Development Bank of India. She tried all possible methods to reduce weight  and  handle knee pain but did not succeed in treating either. She was very confident that “Madhav had nothing  new to talk about. Anyway let him also try.”  The story was altogether different after the course. Swati says, “ I realized that I missed  many crucial dimensions of food and nutrition which he taught us. He has worked meticulously and has simplified the complexities of the subject. Step by step he made us aware of the loopholes and pitfalls in our daily food intake. He  restructured our food in a workable and practicable way.  Dhanwantari Yog is awesome. Not only could I sit on the floor easily after a decade but also   participated in a trekking venture in Sayhyadri range in western Maharashtra.”

c) In April 2010 my father -in-law, Shri Sadashiv Sahasrabuddhe (86years), and Shri Suhas Sahasrabuddhe participated in the course organized by Madhavdada. Transformation in health of both motivated me to join the course. I suffer from many disorders, viz. obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, acute acidity, knee pain, chronic fatigue and emotional infirmity. Due to acute knee pain climbing  stairs was hell for me. After medical examination I was advised surgery for knee replacement. While I was searching for solace I had an opportunity to the attend introductory talk by Madhavdada at Bhandup. I was   thrilled by his scintillating presentation. I wasted no time in booking my place for the next course. I decided to follow him in toto. I refrained from biscuits, tea, coffee and sugar from the very first day of the course. To my surprise, I could sit on the floor on the 3rd day of the course for about 10 minutes. The acidity vanished. I was charged with freshness and vitality. It was shocking to realize that you need not commit blunders to be unhealthy. Even silly mistakes can drag you to misery and pain. Madhavdada structured the right food, at the right time, tasty,   Stomach-full with lots of variety   …. Ab dilli door nahi . I committed myself to revive my health. I implemented exactly what was taught in the course. The food and yog blend worked wonders. I reduced both,  weight as well as inches. I was relieved from knee pain. The Cholesterol reduced to normal.  As I experienced hypoglycemia twice, the sugar was checked. To my surprise it had  dropped below normal. Doctors advised reduction of the insulin dosage. I could experience that   the body wisdom takes over, once you correct the food structure. Rejuvenation is possible for anybody and everybody irrespective of age. I wish him success for his mission for Healthy India.”

                                    Smt. Malati Sahasrabuddhe ,


6 Sound Sleep to Patients Suffering from Insomnia

a) I had heard about Madhavdada’s Health Awareness Course and his project Die Healthy. Many of my acquaintances   follow him. I  have observed significant improvement in their various health-related deviations and overall well-being. Incidentally he had organized a course at Bhandup. My husband Avinash and I readily joined the course. Both of us were, tired of ill health and looking for a way out. I suffered from   insomnia, high cholesterol and high triglyceride. Every night, unless I took medication, I could not sleep. After attending the course, it was for the first time since I started the medication, that I forgot to take the pill before going to bed. Yes , I slept well without medication. I am out of insomnia. The restructuring of food taught during the course helped to reduce the triglyceride levels to a great  extent. The Dhanwantari Yog was superb. The trinity  “study of nutrition” “practice of Dhanwantari Yog”  and “ improvements in the style of cooking” is so consummative that the only outcome is health and vitality. His acumen in presenting the trinity was  ingenuous. I am grateful to him for transforming our lifestyle. I salute his passion and selflessness and hope he will reach his mission to millions and millions of fellow citizens.

Ashwini Bapat , Bhandup, Mumbai

b)     Since I am a tea drinker, the craving for a cup of tea on waking up in the morning was too much to control. But now it is hard to believe that I have been without tea for the last three days. I did have a mild headache, but it subsided and finally vanished.

It was really surprising to know that vegetable juices and satvik        food experienced during the course can be so tasty.

A very memorable experience.

Ashwin Shirur, Bangalore

c)     I felt relaxation in  my shoulder area. My sleep though for shorter period was deep and sound. My awareness towards water intake has increased.   My false concepts about a healthy diet have been reversed to actually understanding what is  a healthy diet.  Great course!

Smt. Pratbibha Uchhil , Bangalore

d)     This course, according to me, was an eye opener and extremely interesting. I never realized that the food I thought was good for me, is not so and I need  to correct / supplement it properly. I felt agility and relaxation after practicing Dhanwantari Yog. I have been suffering from knee pain for a long. A One-day-practice of this wonderful yog made it disappear. Amazing, unbelievable! I felt light, energetic throughout the day despite routine work. Got great sleep and had an extremely fresh morning. Meticulous  and vivid discussions on nutritional aspect of the food by dada was ultimate. Now I am confident that I, on my own, can plan for myself and for my family a well balanced  and  tasty  daily routine and keep everybody Fit, Fine and Energetic. This informed decision helps me become a better mother and wife.  The last day “ FEAST” was awesome.  I plan to implement the  recipes with immediate effect.

 Isha Patel , Bangalore.

7 Lowering of Cholesterol  

a) Any routine ailment, even cough and cold, is capable of driving you mad. If it is cholesterol, you have had it. Nobody around you will ever let you relax even for a while. I had chest pain last week. My wife Pujita took me to a cardiologist. Initial blood report revealed excess LDL of the order of 340. The doctor was very upset. He told my wife that I was in a danger zone. Unless quick remedial action was taken anything could happen in this situation. I was put on medication immediately. I needed to control my diet, go for regular workout etc. The entire family got tensed up. Till then we had heard from our friend that Madhavdada offers consultation regarding health disorders. I decided to consult him. Incidentally Pujita’s blood was also examined. To our surprise she also suffered from the same problem. One day we met Dada. He studied our body parameters and restructured our daily food. We could follow 70 per cent of what he suggested . Exactly three months and ten days later we got our blood re-examined. The cholesterol of both of us dropped to 205 from 340! ( Hb count shot up to 16 from 14. That was a bonus of course.) the doctor was amazed at our progress. He asked, “What have you done to get these results ? How come you have improved so fast and so well? Did lots of workout?  I said, “No. Proper diet combined with a little bit of fitness workout has delivered the results. Let me share the wonders of dada’s diet. He recommends stomach-full, tasty, variety of food. No fasting. Food is a matter of   pleasure  not a  punishment. Ultimately effective, supremely practicable. His diet helped me flatten my tummy within no time. Now I follow him totally and practice Yog. I have been possessed by his concept of health for the last three months. The TANITA body monitor  confirms my observations.

  January 2011 April 2011
Weight (kgs) 62.5 61.0
Total Fat (%) 27.5 18.6
Total Muscles(%) 43.1 47.2
Body Water(%) 52.7 58.7
BMR 1344 1435
Metabolic Age 59 32
Bone Mass 2.3 2.5
Visceral Fat Rating 11 7


You will observe from the above figures how health can transform within the shortest possible time, with minimum efforts and without disturbing the daily routine. The secret of the transformation is to do things differently

 Rajendra Patil, Borivli, Mumbai

e)     In June 2010 my husband Rajendra Patil was hospitalized for malaria. On his recovery, I was advised to take extra care so as to avoid recurrence. He had already suffered a heart attack and undergone bypass surgery. His cholesterol had crossed 260. It was a tight-rope walk for me. The situation worsened with malarial complications. I knew that Madhavdada conducted the Health Awareness Courses.  I organized his course for my  family and friends.. Each participant faired very well on the last day of the course when the body parameters were cross-checked. It was 10 out of 10 for everybody I, not only followed Dada’s footsteps 100 per cent, but also evolved my kitchen skill in many directions using my acumen. His  mature, powerful and practical approach, while blending vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, was appreciated and enjoyed by everybody including our guests. The “diet” phobia was thrashed out with tasty and variety of dishes. It was the celebration-day for me and my husband when his cholesterol level dropped from 260 to 229 for the first time ever since he suffered from heart ailment. His overall health improved. Today all the do’s and don’ts as prescribed by Dada have become our lifestyle, and I have no reason not to follow these while we lead our usual routine life. I recommend all female folk to get trained by him  and   preserve the health of self and beloved ones. The friendly and scintillating  approach turned the six day health course into a picnic.  I wish him best luck and grand success for the novel mission “7.4” .

 Smt. Anuja Patil, Kandivli

8 Welcome “Fair and Lovely” – Bye-bye Itching, Acne and Dullness  

a) Dada’s health course is multifaceted, transformation in skin quality being one of the important areas. Within no time skin becomes soft, young, acne vanishes. Itching stops  and skin turns baby tender. No, this no adulation. I had the privilege to  experience this wonderful transformation……. I did Dada’s course at Nasik. It was 3rd day of the course. I  had gone shopping as usual.  My  cousin met me in the market. He looked at me but could not recognize me.  I  went to him and parked my scooter next to his bike. Still he could not realize . I finally waved at him . He was shocked . He said “ Oh! Its you Swati.  I wondered who this young girl in her 20’s is staring at me . How come you look so pretty, young and fresh?” I was on  top of the world! What  a wonderful shift in just three days. Thanks to Dada for  all his guidance and support.

 Swati Debnath, Nasik

b)                 My body turned flexible and agile during the  course. I had red pimples all over the body. These inflicted a lot of itching and irritation. It pained a lot as if somebody was piercing  the skin all the time. As the course progressed, all the  symptoms reduced and I  experienced a lot of  relief that I was desperately waiting for.

 Chandrakant Uchhil , Bangalore

c)     My husband Narayan suffered from knee pain and ever increasing weight. I was down with chronic fatigue, a dull skin and acute acidity. With this background I attended  seven days residential course conducted at Alibaug in January 2011. It worked miracles  for me. Perhaps Dada played  magic on me. It was less of a training and more of relaxing and enjoying. He served almost every taste, hot and sour, sweet and salty. That too stomach-full. I enjoyed porridge, halwa, bhajia, pomfret, surmai, chicken……  Within seven days my skin started glowing, my weight reduced and chronic fatigue vanished. I was  energetic and on my toes round the clock. Acidity became history.  Bowels clean and quick.  Dhanwantari Yog  was nothing less than a miracle. My husband was not only relieved from knee pain within no time  but he could also enjoy a brisk walk . We are elderly but enjoy no less than young people.

Smita  Nachavnekar, Thane

9 Hairs : Silky and Smooth

a)     I had tried almost everything to improve the quality of my hair but without much difference. As told by Dada I stopped consuming sugar, tea and biscuits from the very first day of the course and shifted to fruits and vegetable juices. Within no time I experienced freshness and my hair turned silky and smooth.

Minal , Nasik

b)     I R. Sudhakarn Pai, and my wife, S. Jayasree, attended the Arogyanubhuti course conducted in Mysore by Madhav Joshi during March  2012. I was totally ignorant of the diet and nutrition aspect to health, even though I am  a post graduate ( M.Sc.) in chemistry. The moment  Joshi sir explained about the blood pH values (7.35 - 7.45 ) I could understand  and appreciate what exactly he was   conveying . So also he gave very good explanations for acidic and alkaline food and impact on health. We found the course conducted by Joshi sir, very useful and timely. We have been ever since practicing  to the best possible extent the  nutrition and exercise taught by him.

The benefits we enjoyed by practicing these principles  are:

1) There is no difficulty clearing the bowels.

2) Feeling hungry time to time.

3) My blood sugar, type 2, is under control (fasting 103, after breakfast 143) without allopathic medicine but with ayurvedic  medicines in my case.

4) We are very happy to get a new set of diet like different dry fruits,  fruits,  vegetable juices, a variety of soups, milk with additives like tulsi seeds, date syrup, and  milk powder, a variety of leafy vegetable items. We now avoid toxic addiction items like white sugar, tea, coffee, pickle, papad, bakery items, refined oil etc. which we have used for five decades.

5) In fact, my son benefited more after attending the course. He was suffering from hair loss. We had spent thousands of rupees on his treatment without much results. But we learnt in the course that the root cause of his problem was   acidity. Now we find that his hair loss has reduced after the diet change and he has less complaints with his stomach. We also came to know through the internet that the drug that the doctor had prescribed had side effects, like infertility!

R. Sudhakaran Pai, Mysore

10. Maintenance of Body Water Level

a) For good health it is very pertinent to maintain the water level in the body. If planned properly it can improve within four months’ time. Adequate water level helps to carry nutrition to the entire body, detoxify the body and keep the metabolic age under check. Let us glance through the  parameters of Shri Ravi Deodhar and  Smt. Sanjeevani Deodhar to get a clear idea of pushing water percentage towards healthy levels.


Parameters of Shri Ravi Deodhar

Male / 58 Years/ Ht 168 cms

Dates 30/1/2011 05/02/11 27/02/2011 11/04/2011
Weight (kgs) 83.5 82.5 83.5 83.4
Total BodyWater (%) 47.3 48.3 49.2 50.9
MetabolicAge 73 73 73 71

Parameters of Smt. Sanjeevani Deodhar

Female / 51 Years / Ht -150 cms

Dates 30/1/2011 05/02/11 27/02/2011 11/04/2011
Weight (kgs) 71.9 71.1 71.8 70.7
Total BodyWater (%) 41.0 41.0 41.9 41.8
MetabolicAge 66 66 66 65


Both the charts indicate that if water intake is monitored adequately it can steadily increase the water percentage in the body, which keeps us fit and young.

11 Reduction in Visceral Fat

            Visceral fat is the fat accumulated around the liver. If the rating exceeds 10 the person is vulnerable to heart problems and high blood pressure disorder. If closely monitored, though very difficult, can be brought to healthy limits.


Parameters of Shri Ravi Deodhar

Male / 58 Years/ Ht 168 cms

Dates 30/1/2011 05/02/11 27/02/2011 11/04/2011
VisceralFat Rating 17 16 16 15


12 Relief from Acute Acidity

Knee pain and  acidity are perhaps synchronous by birth. I love bakery products. Tea, biscuits and bread  are my family. The result is knee pain and chronic acidity. I stopped the consumption of these poisons on the very first day when I did the workshop with Madhav.  Since then I have not experienced either. A planned diet blended with postures of Dhanwantari Yog has transformed my life. I feel bubbly  and energetic 24/7. Thanks to Madhav.

Smt. Madhuri Nene, Mumbai

13 Fairness - Without Fairness Lotions!

The health course was second birth for me. All food habits changed. Food timings changed. Food pattern changed. I said 100 per cent NO to tea, biscuits, coffee and sugar. I lost the fat steadily. I started feeling fresh and energetic. One fine day I became “Fairer ”. I called up Dada and informed him. He said, “ Impossible”. I told him that my friends are flowing into my office to see me. It was unbelievable. One day he also dropped into my office. He was  surprised to see me fairer. The story goes like this. Earlier light used to “refract” as my skin was rough and dull. Due to adequate water percentage and proper inner nourishment the quality of my skin improved resulting in “reflection” of light instead of refraction. Whatever be the science, I am happy and wish Dada lots of success in his mission to keep everybody “fit, fine and energetic”.

Smt. Pujita Patil, Thane

14  Managing menopause

I, like my mother and grandmother, was suffering from  warts. Of late it had increased in size and number, and was causing lots of hardship. As I started practicing the secrets of health revealed by Dada in the course, I wondered  the way these warts started vanishing from my face. I was also suffering from painful menses. I have been going through  menopause for last four years. It has become unbearable for me to manage the trauma. I was not at all inclined to go for surgery. I did Dada’s course and practiced all that he told. Today I suffer no trauma. My menses are  smooth and painless.  Never before in my entire life  had I experienced such relief. I thank Dada for his wonderful work and sincere efforts to create a healthy society at no extra cost.

 Swati Debnath , Nasik

15. Constipation and Irregular Bowels

It is wonderful to note that almost everybody who did the course experienced improved digestion and flawless bowels. Perhaps this is the foundation of miraculous  transformation in countless areas they  experienced in their life.

16 Allergy

I have been suffering from dust allergy for past thirty years. I stay at Ozar, Nasik. Tuesday is the weekly market day at Ozar. The atmosphere being full of dust I have not been able to move out of my house on Tuesday for past thirty years. Madhavdada visited Ozar few months back. I heard his intro talk and subsequently attended the health course. His course helped me to rearrange daily food intake. It has helped me immensely and I do not get allergy or suffocation by the dust any more. I have been able to move out of my house even on Tuesday, the Bazar day.

Smt. Neeta Mule, Ozar

17  Weight Reduction

I am very happy to inform you that the target set for various health parameters during the residential course in September 2011 have been achieved in most of the cases. In fact I am surprised that the reduction in my weight has been so spectacular. In the past I could never reduce my weight below 77 kgs in spite of regularly going to gym for two years (1993-95) or doing yoga along with morning walk for several years.

The change in the parameters from 23.09.2011 to 27.05.2012 (eight months ) is as follows:

1)      Weight reduced from 78.3 kgs to 67.5 kgs

2)      Total Body Fats reduced from 31.2% to 22.8 %.

3)      T Total Muscles (%) dropped from 51.2% to 49.5%.

4)      Physique Rating improved from 2 to 4.

5)      Total Body Water increased from 48.7% to 54.5%.

6)      Basal Metabolic Rate changed from 1380 to 1498.

7)      Metabolic Age reduced from 80 to 51 (my age is 66 years).

8)       Bone Mass reduced from 2.7 to 2.6 (adverse change / effect).

9)      Visceral Fat reduced from 16 to 12.

Though the percentage of muscle mass shows reduction yet if you compare the ratio of muscle mass to body weight, there is a good improvement from 65.39 per cent to 73.33 per cent. However muscle mass needs to be improved to 75 per cent at least. As advised by Dada I shall pay more attention to locking and stretching exercises which I was not doing regularly / seriously earlier. (I was giving more importance to morning walk which is my favorite). The only adverse effect observed is in the case of bone mass and I  need to take proper care and  improve this factor.

Other physical changes observed are :

a) Gry hairs have started turning black,

b) Reduction in baldness as some new hair-growth has come up on bald portion of head,

c) Waist size reduced by more than 60 mm and all trousers had to be altered,

d) Tummy has almost disappeared and I am looking slim and trim

e) I feel more energetic now and I am able to walk at the speed of 7 kms per hour without getting tired.

After the change in diet and eating habits as explained during the residential course, the reduction in weight was only 1.1 kgs during the first two & half months but the feeling was that of satisfaction. During the next five & half months the rate of weight reduction has increased and the average has come to 1.8 kgs per month. The overall rate of weight reduction during the eight month period works out to 1.35 kgs per month. I am hopeful that I shall have ideal health parameters within the next three months with  help and guidance by Dada.

K.R. Desai, Nasik

These are feedbacks from a few of my participants. They have been included in the book to highlight the fact that with just a little help, the body is able to correct itself. Body wisdom is an important factor in maintaining health and vitality.