“ If you protect your pH, it will protect your health”

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Answer:  pH  is Power of Hydrogen. The pH of a solution is a measure of the molar concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution and as such is a measure of the acidity or basicity of the solution.

Answer : It represents blood pH of human being. Healthy range of human blood pH is considered from 7.35 to 7.45. I have chosen the number 7.4 as an emblem of my understanding of health and to promote transformation in lifestyle for health and well being for the present and future generations.

Answer:  AS per Preamble to the Constitution of the World Health Organization, 1946 —  Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-beingand not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

I , however, look at the health from different dimension – according to 7.4 – COMPLETE CHEMICAL REACTION IS HEALTH; INCOMPLETE CHEMICAL REACTION IS DISEASE.

Answer: There are number of pathies – Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurved, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Acupuncture etc which primarily deal with disorders, diseases. The  aim of these systems is to get freedom form the disease. These pathies consider  various factors as germs, bacteria, virus, genes,  Kafa- Vat – Pitta, stress, psychological traits as causes of the diseases and plan their respective method to address / eliminate/ control these causes. No doubt, it works may be temporarily. Thus the entire focus is on “MEDICINES & DIAEASE.

At 7.4 I consider these “factors” are not the real “causes” but are “TRIGGERs”. The real causes of disease as per 7.4 theme  are  Acidosis, Free Radicals, Man-made chemicals, Elevated Insulin, imbalance in SNS- PSNS, Advanced Glycated End-products (AGE),  To address these factors ; I focus on “FOOD & HEALTH” and not “MEDICINES & DISEASE”.

So far stress is concerned , I tried Vipasana, Meditation, Chanting of Mantra, Reiki, Pranayan , Sudarshan Kriya, Silva Mind Control, Auto suggestion…… All these techniques are potent but  did little difference in my life. There lies the difference in my perception of stress. As I understand, to fill the emptiness within, we cling to some concept, idea, perception, expectation. The world around us is not interested to oblige us. We get stressed out. It is possible to fill the emptiness within, with peace, harmony, satisfaction by increasing GABA and serotonin in our body. For this if we can manage the food particularly Tryptophan and Niacin in daily intake we can do it. Once we are filled with harmony, it is easy to loosen the grip of concepts and expectation.  With let go, feeling stress is no issue. At least we will not get carried away and land in trouble.  Not only I did experience it many of my clients to noticed tremendous changes in their attitude once food is restructured. All these techniques will work wonders once this is achieved.


I recommend suitable healthy chemical free products. Secondly I focus more on “blood reports” ( CBC, SUGAR, INSULIN, HBA1C, LIPID, HOMOCYESTINE, CRP, VIT D, VIT B12, THYROID, LFT , KFT ) of the client do decide what food he shall have, at what time and what combination. Normally you will find that nutritional aspects of the foods are discussed in length. And the focus is more on the food. Though it is important  know the nutritional contents of the food , I study the blood reports and look for the compatibility of food which will match the specific requirements of the clients. So the “blood reports” are the deciding factors and not the “food”.

Answer: I seek perfect balance of food and medicine. Restructuring of food, is the fundamental input for cellular regeneration. It is the prerogative of food. We are made of “food” not “medicines”.  We have innate body wisdom which controls millions of chemical reactions in the body . However it is helpless. If we feed foul it has to manage with it. It is our responsibility to feed healthy food. My system is neither a course of medicines for  “few weeks” or “months”  nor  it is a “body detox” program for 10 days or so.   It is a “life long”  application of knowledge and awareness.

Answer: Sorry. None. I have designed some pattern for myself. Depending upon type of health issue I would like to choose certain pathy for quick results.  But that is my personal issue.   It is left to the client to decide which pathy he would like to follow.

Answer: Genes, habits, family, friend, society, budget and availability of 7.4 foods. However there is lot of scope to counter these limitations.  Though we can not alter the genes in clients life time, EPIGENETICS provides ample opportunity to address methylation of DNA and Histone and influence expression of genes. Also NURTURING does  induce changes in genes in future generations. Educating the family, members as also  people around us will help us to sustain the tempo of transformation. Proper planning and realigning the priorities will create cushion for extra budget , if any.

Answer: Transformation 7.4  is neither a mainstream pathy, nor an alternative medicinal system nor even a natural healing system.  It is a personalized restructuring of food plan to suit present day challenges.

I see 4 Cs in it. Clarity – Conviction – Cooperation and Culture. It is a cultural transformation and not a medical treatment.

Answer: As I understand restructuring food does not influence case like Leukoderma, mental retardation. I have come across numerous cases where I noticed remarkable changes after restructuring of food.

To name a few DM, BP, Cholesterol, Arthritis, Weight loss , Weigh gain, Skin disorders, PCOD, Hair loss, Anaemia, IBS, Knee pain………..

Answer:  I , myself , have experimented with many wonder foods for weight loss and what not. At 7.4 we do not consider any single fruit or food as “WONDER FOOD OR FRUIT”  We create Awareness and help the client to create balance in daily life.

Answer: Though I support non vegetarian concept of food,  I do not promote any school. I am not a preacher. I welcome all schools – veg, non veg, jain , non jain, vegan etc. Let client decide what he would like to eat.

My job is to  create balance between  his blood reports, existing food plan and his targets. Find equilibrium and suggest a tasty, nutritious, food plan compatible to his culture, budget, life style.

Answer: Hmmmmmm…… My motto is Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch Like a King and Dinner Like a King. Any how I again leave it to the client , I ask him how many times you are used to eat every day. As I do not consider any particular format superior to other one, I do not change his pattern.

I try to fit in my experience and clarity in his pattern and restructure his daily food plan. The core idea is that he is expected to follow it for rest of the life. If I stretch too far and force my ideas,  he will bounce back to his old pattern. I therefore manage with his existing pattern.

Answer:  I am aware of few studies which conclude that moderate consumption of alcohol offer number of health benefits. I am not a sage or preacher. However,  firstly I would like to mention that the benefits which accrue on account of alcohol can be enjoyed through many nutritious foods and alcohol  is not the only source.

Secondly the damage caused by excess consumption of alcohol viz. Fatty Liver, High Lipids, High Urea, Keto acidosis ……. outnumbers  the fringe benefits. Lastly it is very delicate balance between what is moderate and excess. To err on safe side …. Keep safe.

Answer:   The question itself is “deceptive” and “misleading”. It need not be answered. Or perhaps can not be answered. 7.4 supporters may get trapped while answering this question. The comparison shall be between “my” previous health parameter and “my” present health parameters. And never, ever between “yours” and “mine” parameters. On this count if you read my book I have elaborately mentioned how I could create transformation in my health – in 14 different parameters — to name a few – Hb, Hair Fall, Knee Pain, …..Not only mine, but hundreds of my clients also experienced similar – shifts in their parameters. This approach may appear ” individualistic” and not “Universal” . If that is so, it is ok. It is like this only. I do not intend to stretch it to make it “Universal”

Answer: Criticism

(1) Wrong terminology: I use wrong terminology . For example ; In some of my lectures I used word- endothelium instead of epithelium. I pronounce words like Chylomicron, incorrectly. Yes it is my mistake. I will take care of such technical words. Any how these aberrations do not dilute my core theme.

(2) I speak unscientific: My statements are not proven by “double blind scientific methods”. I accept this objection. However my observations are Logical, experienced by me, experienced by number of my clients and I am open to experiment it again and again for any seeker.

(3) I am arrogant and use cheap language in my lectures. – I agree. For creating awareness in masses, making the presentation lively and humorous I often resort to casual, lay man’s language and not a sophisticated, professional terminology. Please excuse me.

(4) In 1 Year Arogyanubhuti course conducted by me; lot of time is wasted.

Following chart will elucidate my stand on the matter clearly and to the point.

Conventional TrainingArogyanubhuti Training
1Purpose is to prepare students for examinationPurpose is to create awareness
2Students are expected to remember the contentsMembers are not expected to remember the contents
3It is immaterial whether students experience the subject and create transformation in own life, understanding is enough.Experiencing the subject and creating transformation in own life is of paramount importance; Member may understand or may not. It is fine.
4Percolating of the subject is not relevant, answering the questions is importantPercolating the subject in the member is the essence. I do not conduct any written or oral examination for that matter.
5Family , Friends, Relatives are beyond the scope of the trainingFamily, Friend, Relatives too are the party. I wish to create transformation in these people through the member of the 1 year course.
6It is just passing the information from one person to the otherIt is restructuring the food habits and creating a healthy society.

So obviously if you look at the training from conventional dimension, you are bound to conclude that it is “waste of time”. If you are able to appreciate my vision perhaps you may see what I see.

Both are vital and critical.  At 7.4 we consider “medicines” as an emergency support system for treatment while “food” is considered an integral part of the transformation.

Unfortunately, YES.

One lady (senior citizen) from Nasik “ON HER OWN” told my student that her husband (who was suffering form Parkinson’s  disease)  benefited lot from 7.4 food plan. And she was extremely thankful to him and me too. So I invited her to share the experience during my Health Awareness Course. She met me, my participants and shared her experience. I was on very high and celebrated her sharing. It was recorded on a video and as on date it is available on You Tube.

After few years one doctor (MBBS, MD pathology) from Pune who is of the opinion that what I speak is UNSCIENTIFIC, WRONG AND I SHOULD DELETE ALL THE VIDEOS FROM YOU TUBE, enquired with the same lady about her experience. She told him that ” Not only 7.4 theme did not help her husband , but caused deterioration in his health. ” 180 degrees opposite to what she shared with me.

I never asked her why she did this to me. Perhaps this is the only occasion I felt Shameful,  Humiliated in front of my student. Anyhow since he was matured enough to understand situation and  that he was the person who introduced this lady to me I could manage the scene.  Anyways I have no control whatsoever about what other’s should think and say about me and 7.4 . But I expect them to be consistent.