Experiences of the Participiants

The unfathomable

I have conducted numerous Health Awareness Courses at Kandivli, Mulund, Thane, Ghodbunder, Dadar, Vasai, Sion, Virar, Borivli, Alibaug, Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Mysore, Guhaghar, Satara, Ozar, Badalapur, in the last few years and have worked on hundreds of participants of different age groups.

The theme of my work is to make available the essence of health to the participants WITHIN THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME, WITH MINIMUM EFFORTS AND WITHOUT DISTURBING  THE DAILY ROUTINE.  This work has been generated through my own pain and disorders and error methods which I practiced  for years.

Each time I conduct the course I encounter new  dimensions. The chronology of rejuvenation of course  is   governed by the body wisdom and not by what your wish is. The  amazing  power of pH and Dhanwantari Yog is perhaps unfathomable.

Though I do not treat the disorders, so far I have observed  corrections in numerous disorders as under:

  1. Relief from frozen shoulder
  2. Improvement in hemoglobin count
  3. Increase in muscle mass
  4. Reduction in body fat
  5. Reduction in visceral fat
  6. Relief from knee / leg pain
  7. Recovery from insomnia
  8. Control the cholesterol levels
  9. Improvement in quality of skin
  10. Arrest of hair loss
  11. Balancing of water level
  12. Relief from skin irritation
  13. Total relief from acidity
  14. Glowing  skin
  15. Regularity in menses
  16. Clean bowels
  17. Enrichment of calcium count
  18. Controlled   blood sugar level
  19. Controlled blood pressure
  20. Change in  attitude
  21. Relief from Arthritis
  22. Cure for allergy
  23. Maintaining Thyroid level

You will be surprised to know that none of these results was planned. These are literally miraculous and “wonderful”, full of “wonder”. Every time I get a call from my participant expressing his gratitude, I wonder “now what ?” It is as simple as watering a plant. Provide the required water and the plant decides how to manage the show.