We conduct Online Health Awareness Courses to share with the clients about various dimensions of our mission. It is expected to transform his “clarity” into “conviction” before he chooses personalised food plan. The details of Online HAC are as under :-

  1. We will share 9 videos (1 on the first day and 2 each on 4 alternate days)
  2. You will watch the videos and prepare notes, bullet points, questions etc.
  3. We will meet during 8 pm to 9 pm on 5 days during the period of 10 days.
  4. Normally the meeting will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  5. During the zoon meeting you can ask your questions / doubts.
  6. Once all doubts are cleared , you may choose to go for personalised food plan.
  7. To implement the food plan only “clarity” will not work. You have to handle your age old habits, your family, your friends and relatives. It is a great deal to magane all these factors and sustain the food plan.
  8. Fee for the HAC is Rs 1000/- per person.